Health benefits of earthing. Bare feet in grass.

The Secret to Better Health: How Earthing Can Help!

Are you looking for a natural and effortless solution to improve your overall health and well-being? Look no further than earthing. Earthing, or grounding, is a simple and effective method that involves connecting with the earth’s natural energy to improve your physical and emotional health. The simple experience of standing barefoot on grass grounds you! …

VILPA-woman climbing the stairs

New VILPA Results | How Can 1 Min Physical Activity Bouts Prolong Your Life

Are you one that feels guilty not finding the time to hit the gym? As a result, you feel sluggish, unhealthy, and out of shape. I’ve got some good news for you! Recent studies show that just 3-4 minutes of daily-life physical activity bouts (VILPA), can SIGNIFICANTLY help you stay healthy. You don’t like exercising? …

Strong Core Benefits-Close-up shot of a sporty woman holding her hands against her core

15 Strong Core Health Benefits | Why Core Strength Is Crucial

If you’re looking for an effective way to improve your health, fitness, and quality of life, you should focus on strengthening your core. In this article, I will explore how having a strong core can have a major impact on your overall health. Medical disclosure: The Fit Yourself Barre content is provided for informational purposes …

weird French Christmas traditional food-Bourgogne snails in garlic parsley butter sauce

5 Weird French Christmas Food Traditions To Try or Not!

What do the French eat at Christmas? Well, In France, Christmas is a time for family, friends, and of course, food like anywhere! From the savory to the sweet, there’s something for everyone. However, though French cuisine is famous for its fancy delicacies worldwide, you may find some French Christmas traditional foods weird and repulsive. …

music-effects-happy young woman stretching while listening to her favorite music

12 Remarkable Music Effects On Your Workout | Make It Fun!

Most of us have experienced those pumping music effects on our workouts. In fact, when you exercise with music, it triggers several physiological reactions that are backed up by science. From boosting your performance to making it feel easier, music is a powerful way to keep you in tune while you are working out. Why …

woman jumping outdoors

Bone Mass | How 10 Jumps A Day Will Keep Your Bones Strong!

Are you wondering how jumping 10 times a day increases your bone mass more than running? I knew that as we age, we lose bone density. For many years, and out of ignorance, I believed that regular physical activity like walking and eating a lot of calcium (milk, cheese) would help keep my bones healthy …

gaining-self-confidence-needle of a compass pointing at the word confidence-3D render-concept image of self-confidence

14 Tips For Gaining Self-Confidence | How To Believe In YOU!

Gaining self-confidence can take a lot of effort to achieve. If only it were an innate thing that humans would do! On top of that, cultural and social factors seriously affect our lifestyle and especially how we feel about ourselves. Social trends, for example, dictate how we should look (fashion victims) and that in order …


Is training Barefoot Good? 10 Great Benefits exercising Shoeless!

Oh, how I love training barefoot! And that is because I mainly work out at home so I don’t need to put on some shoes, it takes too much effort… But that is not entirely true: I find myself really preferring exercising barefoot because it feels so good and somehow it brings me a sense …


12 Top Barre Workout Benefits: a good sweat guaranteed!

Wondering whether a barre workout is for you? It is surely worth getting some attention! Barre actually combines 3 forms of workouts in one: ballet-inspired exercises, yoga stretching, and pilates strength training. That’s pretty solid! No need to be a ballet dancer to benefit from a workout at the barre. You don’t even need a …