Chicory coffee drink with blue flowers
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Chicory coffee health benefits: why the French love it?

I’ve had chicory coffee my entire life without even knowing what it was until very recently! That is probably because “la chicorée” is a French popular product that is cultivated in Northern France where I grew up. I always thought it was a type of coffee and to my big surprise, after finally questioning myself …

benefits doing planks-a woman doing the plank pose on a yoga mat
Barre Health Lifestyle

Benefits of Doing Planks daily: why are planks a good exercise?

I love those “all in one” exercises that bring you multiple advantages and doing planks is surely one of them! In fact, no matter your fitness level, you can easily incorporate them into your workout routine and modify them to suit your needs. What are planks? Planks are a form of bodyweight exercise that mainly …

Immunity boost-woman with a summer hat soaking in sunlight

Best ways to boost up your immune system naturally!

2020 has been such a challenging year! Full of a global health crisis due to the covid19. It’s certainly been a wake-up call for many of us to strengthen our immune system and help our bodies fight diseases and infections of all kinds. Though there is no proof that healthy lifestyle habits help fortify our …

Ballet Barre Health

Why is barre fitness so good for men?

Barre fitness, unfortunately, has still a reputation to be a “girly” sport, designed only for women. However, more and more men are taking barre classes. Surprisingly, I was so happy to hear that professional athletes such as football and rugby players, now do barre workouts as well, breaking the stereotypes associated with ballet and men. …

French organic brands-blossom heartshape pink flower
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12 French 100% certified organic cosmetic brands you should know about!

Organic products are booming in the world and France is a pioneer in organic farming. In fact, it is as early as 1959 that the 1st organic group of farmers is founded. The French have always preserved and protected their cultural identity and quality of life. This is true more than ever today! More and …