christmas mental health tips-woman in winter forest getting some fresh air

How Do You Look After Your Mental Health Over Christmas?

The Christmas season can be stressful for many of us and hurt our mental health. From organizing the festive dinner party, and decorating the home to shopping for the perfect gifts, all this mental charge can affect your overall wellness. That is why it is crucial to keep your sanity intact! I have gathered mindful …

healthy and fit over Christmas-best friends enjoying mulled wine at the Christmas market

Christmas Fitness Tips | How To Stay Healthy And Fit

With the holidays just around the corner, are you wondering how to stay healthy and fit this Christmas? Don’t dread the festive holiday season anymore. I’ve got some great Christmas healthy fitness tips to help you stay active and keep your progress intact while still enjoying the merry celebrations. Medical disclosure: The Fit Yourself Barre …

ballet lovers gift ideas-a group of hanging ballerina pointe shoes for decoration

Unique Ballet Lovers Gift Ideas That Are On Pointe

Looking for the perfect gift that will make ballet lovers’ hearts skip a beat? Look no further! I have put together a gift guide with a handpicked selection of presents that will make any ballet enthusiasts jump with excitement. From extraordinary personalized home decor to stylish ballet-themed accessories, these thoughtful gift ideas whether small or …

Unique Christmas traditions in France-brown paper with French text joyeux noel means merry christmas

18 Unique Christmas Traditions in France By Region To Know!

Santa is soon coming to town friends, so why not talk about unusual French Christmas traditions that vary according to region? Every French province has its unique oddities. From weird foods, and bizarre traditions to even ways of speaking. This is also the case when it is time to celebrate the Christmas season in France! …


This Is Why Ballerinas Wear Knit Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are more than a fashion statement to ballerinas. Surely, this beloved dance accessory does add a touch of style to their performances. But there are serious practical reasons why ballet dancers wear these special warmers. Read on to understand better how important it is for ballerinas to wear leg warmers! Why do ballerinas …

slow-burn workout-young-woman-lifting-a-dumbbell-slowly-with-one-arm

Slow-Burn Workout | Why Is It Better For Getting Stronger?

Like many of us, I used to believe that fast-reps weight training was the way to go to get stronger. But then I heard of the slow-burn workout method. It is a unique yet highly effective strength technique to achieve maximum results in less time. In this article, discover the power of slow-burn strength training, …

Strong legs-male dancer rehearsing in black tights

How Do Ballet Dancers Get Strong Legs? 7 Leg Power Moves

Ballet dancing is both an art form and a sport. It is a way of expressing music and creativity through extreme physical performance. Therefore, ballerinas need strong legs to execute fast-paced ballet moves. They put in a lot of hard ballet training to ensure their best performances. That is why they have amazing physical strength …


Meet Eustress! And The Surprising Benefits of Good Stress

Do you ever feel a wave of positive excitement, anticipation, or motivation when faced with a challenge, but you don’t know why? You could be experiencing eustress – a unique form of stress that is actually beneficial to your well-being. In this article, we will look into exactly what it is and the surprising benefits …


This Is Why Your Brain Doesn’t Want To Work Out

Are you struggling to stick to your fitness goals, despite your best intentions? Well, here’s a shocking truth: your brain may be secretly sabotaging your progress. Yes, that’s right. New research reveals that the very thing that controls your thoughts, emotions, and actions is working against you when it comes to exercising. Are you tired …