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The benefits drinking apple cider vinegar!

Unless you don’t like vinegar like my mother (she only likes white vinegar), then consider adding apple cider vinegar to your glass of water daily! I love vinegar and I like to try different kinds such as raspberry or balsamic vinegar to make delicious salad dressings.

But ACV is well-known to have great health benefits that are scientifically verified. It is full of good bacteria because of the fermentation technique used to turn the sugar of apples into acetic acid (vinegar). It’s also rich in raw enzymes that help with digestion. Moreover, the apple cider vinegar diet improves heart health and may help fight cancer.

Here are all the great benefits why you should drink apple cider vinegar!

Better absorption of minerals and vitamins

Fights osteoporosis

A study on rats showed that consuming dietary apple cider vinegar (acetic acid) increased the intestinal absorption of calcium. Minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium need acid to be properly absorbed. Our stomach already naturally secrets a strong acid called hydrochloric acid (HCI) to release the vitamins, fats, amino acids and minerals such as calcium from the food, solubilizing them to make them ready to be absorbed. HCI is produced in reaction to eating food. However, as we grow older, we do not release enough HCI for our food to be properly assimilated, causing acid reflux, burping, flatulence, indigestion and bloating. ACV has PH levels between 3.3 and 3.5, strong enough to help digest food and since it helps absorb more calcium, it strengthens our bones, preventing osteoporosis.

Better digestion

Apple cider vinegar keeps a healthy PH balance in the stomach. Acid activates gastrointestinal enzymes in the stomach to separate protein. It thus helps speed up digestion.

Less gas and bloating

When we lack acid in our stomach, some food is not digested correctly and goes into the small intestine. This undigested food becomes goodies for bacteria in our digestive tract. As mentioned above, by helping with complete protein digestion, apple cider vinegar limits bloating and gas.

Relieves heartburn

The valve at the top of your stomach may not close properly when this latter is not very acidic. Apple cider vinegar helps keeping the acid levels in your stomach balanced. Consuming some apple cider vinegar neutralizes stomach acid and it helps the valve shut completely.

Kills microbes

Apple cider vinegar can help stop the growth of bacteria when it spreads in the small intestine instead of the large intestine. This condition is called SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth).

Also, thanks to its antibacterial properties, it helps fight infections and improves the overall immune system.

For centuries, vinegar has been used as a natural preservative for food to kill bacteria such as E.Coli or prevent its growth. It can kill microbes and stop them from multiplying.

It also has been used as a natural disinfectant for cleaning and as a home remedy to treat warts, ear infections, lice and nail fungus. I remember when I was a little girl, my mother would use vinegar to treat lice. I would smell like vinegar for days…

Healthier liver

The liver produces bile and then it gets stored in the gallbladder. Bile helps digest the lipids in the small intestine by breaking down and absorbing the fats. Bile also carries away toxins and waste. The liver needs acid to make bile and Apple cider vinegar helps detoxify the liver and release the bile that can get jammed in the liver.

Healthier heart

Blossom heartshaped pin flowersSeveral studies on animals show that apple cider vinegar increases the good cholesterol and reduces blood pressure in rats, which are 2 huge risk factors for heart disease. It helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

Lowers blood sugar levels

After the consumption of carbohydrates (starchy foods), the blood sugar levels in the body can rise and cause high blood pressure. Apple cider vinegar reduces blood sugar levels, improving insulin sensitivity and helping fight diabetes. This is also good news to healthy people because high blood pressure causes all types of diseases such as hardening of the arteries, heart failure and kidney disease.

For instance, a study has shown that after eating 50 grams of white bread, ACV reduced by 34% blood sugar levels.

Increases satiety

By increasing the good cholesterol, lowering the glycemic index and reducing insulin production, ACV can help with weight loss and cut down visceral fat (belly fat). It also helps keep your hunger in check, increasing the feelings of fullness. You then eat fewer calories throughout the day.

In a study, the apple cider vinegar diet, consisting in taking at least 2 tablespoons of vinegar a day, resulted in some weight loss and reduced belly fat in adults with obesity.

Protects against cancer

Some experiments done on rats and test tubes have shown that apple cider vinegar kills cancer cells and stops tumors from growing. ACV may protect against cancer.

A final note

A woman at a restaurant eating mediterranean foodWhile there is relevant science backed-up evidence that consuming apple vinegar cider is safe and healthful, there is no miracle. It is very important to have a balanced diet and an active lifestyle in order to be healthy. A diet rich in fruit, vegetables and moderate in protein consumption. Find out about the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

You need to make sure you don’t over do it. Ingesting too much of it can cause serious harmful side effects.

It is recommended to add apple cider vinegar in your salad dressings. You can also add 1 teaspoon in your glass of water before each meal, not exceeding 2 tablespoons per day.

Make sure to buy raw, organic, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. The kind that has no added chemicals and pesticides, that is rich in enzymes and that still has what is called the “mother”, a residue of bacteria, fiber pectin and yeast.

Apple cider vinegar can also be used for other purposes than health. It can be used for domestic and aesthetic reasons such as a cleaning agent and “make your hair shine” product.

Always ask your doctor, especially if you suffer from diabetes or digestive related disease.

Do you use apple cider vinegar in your diet? I will be glad to hear about your experience and opinion. Please leave your comments and ask your questions below.

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  1. Hi Anne-Caroline! I had heard that apple cider vinegar is a natural preservative for food used back in those ages to kill bacteria such as E.Coli. But I didn’t know about many of these other benefits. The one that has specially caught my attention is it helps stop growth of bacteria when it spreads in the small intestine. I’ve been having some health issues in this connection. So, I’ll definitely incorporate apple cider vinegar into my diet. Thanks for this interesting post.

    1. Anne-Caroline says:

      So happy you found this article helpful! Thank you!

  2. Bonjour indeed! I love your website. Its very classy, and charming too. 

    I like learning about new things, so to see that you had written in a way that combines health, culture and fitness is very appealing and inspirational. You’re obviously very passionate about your subject area of expertise and I think I can learn a lot from you, my wife will definitely be interested in your website, so I will send her the link. 

    Now you have made me feel like I need to do something myself, and create a website about my hobbies and interests! So I have just clicked on your create a website icon and I’m going to write about what I love too!

    Thanks for sharing.. 

    1. Anne-Caroline says:

      Awesome!! Thank you!!

  3. Wow! So many benefits if you use apple cider vinegar in your meals/salads. Eliminating microbes and boosting the immune system are the things that impress me the most. I’m curious about the protection against cancer even if it still preliminary tests with rats.  It worth trying it since I don’t see any downside beside the taste.

    1. Anne-Caroline says:

      Yes it’s really worth it!! Try it!!

  4. Wow I didn’t know there were so many benefits to Apple Cider Vinegar! 

    Personally I used to drink it here and there for one of the reasons that you’ve mentioned, that it helps with heartburn. I’ve been a longtime victim of Acid Reflux and after taking numerous kinds of medication for it, ACV is not only about the best thing I’ve tried, but it’s natural too.

    We also use it in certain recipes at home while cooking, too.

    But wow, helps with Cancer too? That’s good stuff to know! Thanks for a great read.

    1. Anne-Caroline says:

      Right, it is amazing what it does!! Thank you!

  5. Hi Anne-Caroline. My aunt who was spending a few days with us left behind a half bottle of apple cider vinegar. I noticed that she added some to her water and took it like a tonic. Apparently she knew of some secrets about it that I didn’t know and your article has explained why ACV is so important to her. Those benefits listed shows why I need to start taking some because I always have digestive problems. Who wants a healthy heart, liver, and blood sugar ? That definitely is me. Thank you for sharing. I keep wondering though how can an acid help stomach troubles ?

    1. Anne-Caroline says:

      Your aunt has a great healthy habit!! Our stomach needs acid to digest the food, that is why it helps with digestive troubles. Thank you for your comment!

  6. Your website is great and easy to read. One question; why limit your intake of organic Apple Cider Vinegar to two tablespoons per day? I think you need to explain that to your readers. I use organic apple cider vinegar regularly.

    I also liked what you had to say about quality food rather than quantity of food.

    1. Anne-Caroline says:

      Yes taking ACV every day is really healthy but not too much cause it can have side effects. Thank you for your comment!

  7. Antonio says:

    Hi Anne- Caroline

    I really enjoyed reading your article on Apple cider vinegar and it does have many health benefit claims.It may help with certain issues  but I am not certain it is the wonder supplement it is meant to be. One thing I cannot understand is how ACV can reduce heartburn, as it is acidic of the food which contributes to it.  Not everybody will have reduced  hydrochloric acid production in later life and add acid could make the situation worse.

    I have tried ACV and got to admit it has an acquired taste. It may be okay if you can disguise the strong taste, otherwise I could not drink it on its own. I am always on a look out for good health information and this is certainly one of them.

    As ever we need more studies to be done before we can be certain if ACV can live up to the hype or not.

    Thanks Antonio

    1. Anne-Caroline says:

      Yes it has a strong taste that is why it is good in a salad dressing. Thank you for your comment!

  8. I have a big bottle of apple cider vinegar which I have ignored because of it’s taste and smell. Now that I know it protects our bones from osteoporosis and reduces gas ( conditions that creep in as you age) and bloating I will find a way of acquiring a taste for it. Maybe I’ll start by adding a bit to my salad dressing. 

    1. Anne-Caroline says:

      Great decision!! Thank you for your comment!

  9. Adding apple cider vinegar in daily diet can provide great health benefits. I will definitely try it. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Theresa Geiger says:

    Apple cider vinegar reduces stomach acid.

  11. Thank you for this wonderful article – The benefits drinking apple cider vinegar! I always knew that apple cider vinegar has numberous health benefits. I use it in my salads, it makes a wonderful dressing. I have also used it along with banana peel to remove a mole.  I love the fact that is reduces your cholesterol and aids with digestion!

    1. Anne-Caroline says:

      Thank you for your comment! Great extra tip about the banana peel and mole. Didn’t know that one!!

  12. I’m delighted to learn that apple cider vinegar can help keep someone’s stomach acid levels balanced. Another reason I believe I should begin taking it is that you mentioned that it helps in the battle against infections and strengthens the immune system generally. In the salad dressings, I’ll make sure to use apple cider vinegar.

    Excellent article.

    1. Anne-Caroline says:

      Hello Lionel, thank you for your comment! I am glad you decided to use apple cider vinegar in your salad dressings after reading my article. Great decision!

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