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Chicory coffee health benefits: why the French love it?

I’ve had chicory coffee my entire life without even knowing what it was until very recently! That is probably because “la chicorée” is a French popular product that is cultivated in Northern France where I grew up.

I always thought it was a type of coffee and to my big surprise, after finally questioning myself about it, I found out it wasn’t coffee at all.

Interestingly, chicory was already used in the Antiquity by the Egyptians and the Greeks. They appreciated it for its medicinal qualities way back then!

After doing my little research, check out chicory coffee’s many health benefits!

What is chicory root coffee?

Chicory coffee ground root-chicory flowers

You may have heard of French endive or radicchio salad? Both come from the “Cichorium” species, a variety of plants in the dandelion/sunflower family that are cultivated for their leaves. Other varieties are grown for their roots.

With the scientific name “Cichorium intybu”, Chicory is a wild herbal flowering plant that is grown for its roots. It is characterized by its blue-lavender flowers that freely grow the wayside in Europe.

Why is it called chicory “coffee”?

Chicory coffee is this comforting “coffee-like” beverage that is made of roasted chicory root that has been ground and brewed.

I love it because it has a caramel nutty flavor and a slightly bitter taste like coffee. You can find chicory coffee on its own or mixed with coffee.

A little bit of history here:

Chicory is cultivated as a therapeutic plant in Europe since the middle ages.

It is in the Netherlands first that chicory roots were used to produce this coffee substitute beverage. ( circa the end of the 17th century. )

Then its use spread throughout Northern Europe.

In the 1800s, there was a massive coffee shortage in France so the French started to mix chicory roots with their coffee as a substitute because it is a drink that resembles coffee.

It also was adopted in New Orleans during the civil war. The city also encountered a coffee shortage due to the Union naval sieges that blocked one of their ports.

What is in chicory coffee?

Let’s look at the nutritional value of chicory coffee.

One raw chicory root (about 60g) contains the following multiple nutrients:

  • Calories : 43.8 (183 KJ)/ 2% of the RDI
  • Protein : 0.8 g / 2% of the RDI
  • Total carbs : 10.5 g / 4% of the RDI
  • Fiber : 0.9 g


  • Vitamin C : 3.0 mg/ 5% of RDI
  • Vitamin B6 : 0.1 mg/ 7% of RDI
  • Folate : 13.8 mcg/ 3% of RDI
  • Panthothenic Acid : 0.2 mg/ 2% of RDI


  • Calcium : 24.6 mg/ 2% of RDI
  • Iron : 0.5mg/ 3% of RDI
  • Magnesium : 13.2mg/ 3% of RDI
  • Phosphorus : 36.6mg/ 4% of RDI
  • Potassium : 174mg/ 5% of RDI
  • Sodium : 30.0mg/ 1% of RDI
  • Zinc : 0.2mg/ 1% of RDI
  • Manganese : 0.1mg/ 7% of RDI
  • Selenium : 0.4mcg/ 1% of RDI

Fatty acids

  • Total Fat : 0.1g
  • Total Omega-3 : 7.8mg 
  • Total Omega-6 : 45.0mg

Looking at this list, chicory root is a great source of Vitamin C, B6, Manganese, and Potassium. It is low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

Furthermore, chicory root is rich in inulin fiber (prebiotic fiber), up to 40% which helps with digestion, stabilizing our gut microbiota.

Here are 14 chicory coffee scientifically proven health benefits!

Chicory root is rich in inulin fiber

As mentioned above, raw chicory root is full of inulin fiber, a super compound that has several health impacts.

1. A healthy gut microbiota promotes a healthier colon!

Chicory’s good source of prebiotic fiber helps improve digestive issues and bring balance to your gut microbiome. That’s because this type of fiber encourages the growth of good bacteria in your intestines. A healthy gut microbiome ( a pocket of microbes in your intestines) has a huge impact on diseases and on overall human health.

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2. Reduced constipation!

Are you tired of being constipated? Improve your bowel function by drinking chicory coffee. Indeed, studies show that supplements with chicory inulin helped increase stool softness and regularity.

3. Lower your blood sugar levels!

Inulin fiber contained in chicory root also helps control blood sugar levels and decrease insulin resistance. Recent studies on diabetic rats show that it improved how carbohydrates are absorbed.

Another research among women with diabetes has shown that supplementing with 10g of inulin daily reduced their blood sugar levels.

4. Manage your weight!

Inulin-rich food like chicory coffee may help with weight management.

As a matter of fact, this dietary fiber can give you a sensation of fullness without increasing the levels of sugar in your blood nor adding more calories. It helps control your hunger and regulate your metabolism.

5. Reduce your cholesterol!

High cholesterol levels in your blood can cause several serious health conditions. It is important to eat a balanced fiber-rich diet to minimize the risks of developing severe illnesses.

One other great purpose of inulin fiber is that it helps prevent bad cholesterol from being absorbed into the bloodstream by binding it to the small intestine and then flush it out through bowel movement.

6. Control your Blood Pressure!

It is well known that high cholesterol levels can cause high blood pressure by clogging the arteries.

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7. Protect your heart!

It is no surprise that all the health benefits mentioned above also lead to a healthier heart. But there is even more! Chicory root is a great source of plant phenolics such as caffeic acid. It is widely recognized that plant polyphenols protect the heart by preventing cardiovascular conditions like thrombosis, heart attacks, and strokes.

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Chicory coffee is a great Source of Antioxidants

8. Prevent cancer!

Chicory coffee contains a proportionately good amount of antioxidants to prevent cancer from developing.

The forming of cancerous cells is caused by the abnormally high concentration of free radicals in the body. Antioxidants prevent free radicals from causing damage to the cells. Antioxidants are also called “free radicals scavengers”.

Though our body produces its own antioxidants, it’s not enough. It has to rely on external sources such as our diet to get the rest of the antioxidants needed.

Chicory coffee has anti-inflammatory properties

9. Neutralize muscles and joints soreness!

Inflammation is a natural response of our immune system but constant pain and persistent swelling are the causes of several diseases like arthritis, heart problems, cancer, and diabetes.

Some animal study finds that chicory root possesses anti-inflammatory activity due to its antioxidant effects.

In fact, phenolic compounds or plant polyphenols found in chicory coffee have the ability to reduce swelling and thus reduce muscle pains, sore joints, and body aches.

Chicory coffee has antibacterial action

10. Strengthen your immune system!

One study shows that chicory roots produce di-CQA acid (a hydroxycinnamic acid), a strong anti-oxidant with high antibacterial potential.

Furthermore, another research finds that chicory is among the medicinal plants with antiviral properties against SARS-CoV-2!

So why not fix yourself a good cup of chicory coffee to boost up your immunity to provide one more layer of protection against viral infections naturally!

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11. Protect your liver!

Studies on rats confirm that chicory is worth being considered as a natural substance to treat damaged liver conditions such as hepatitis.

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Chicory coffee is a great alternative to regular coffee!

12. Manage your stress!

There is about 95mg of caffeine in a cup of joe. It is now well known that excessive amounts of caffeine consumption can cause side effects like sleeplessness, nausea, heart palpitations, and anxiety. Therefore, less caffeine can reduce stress and cortisol levels.

If you are a coffee addict and wish to reduce your caffeine intake, consider chicory coffee instead of coffee because it is naturally caffeine-free.

I enjoy mixing the two together for a lower-caffeine beverage.

13. Preserve your brain function!

Chicory root contains manganese and vitamin B6, two nutrients that are both known to be good for the brain.

 14. Protect your skin!

As we age, our skin barrier weakens and we start to experience several changes like skin dullness, dryness, sensitivity, redness, and breakouts.

A study on two groups of 50 women aged between 45-60 years shows that chicory root extract has a “vitamin D-like” protective action on the skin:

It successfully proves that chicory root extract had both restructuring and protective effects on the skin. It is an innovative component in cosmetic formulations to improve its barrier function.

Chicory coffee side effects

Despite all its wonderful health virtues (and Like with any food); chicory coffee may not be for everybody.

For instance, it can cause allergy-type symptoms like tingling of the mouth, pain, and swelling in people with allergies to ragweed, marigolds, or daisies.

Additionally, chicory root coffee is not recommended for pregnant women because it can cause menstrual bleeding and miscarriage when consumed in larger amounts.

Therefore, make sure to consult your doctor before consuming it when pregnant and breastfeeding.

Finally, chicory coffee is also not recommended for people with irritable bowel syndrome. It can cause stomach pain, bloating, and gases as it is fibrous and acts as a prebiotic in your digestive tube.

How to prepare your chicory coffee?

You can buy ground chicory coffee in grocery stores or online. I buy a combination of coffee/chicory but you can also find pure ground chicory on its own if you want no caffeine.

Most brands advise adding two teaspoons in a cup of hot water or adding some pure ground chicory powder into your coffee. I like my chicory coffee with a touch of milk.

Should you give it a try?

If you are trying to eliminate or reduce your caffeine intake, then you surely should try chicory coffee!

Not only that, it has its own unique flavor that you may want to taste!

Please share your thoughts and experience leaving your comment below and if you’ve enjoyed reading this post, why not pin it for later?

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