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12 Remarkable Music Effects On Your Workout | Make It Fun!

Most of us have experienced those pumping music effects on our workouts. In fact, when you exercise with music, it triggers several physiological reactions that are backed up by science. From boosting your performance to making it feel easier, music is a powerful way to keep you in tune while you are working out.

Why does music help with exercise?

When you listen to music, it activates the area of the brain that regulates motion. It helps you better coordinate your movements when you work out. This music-exercise harmony boosts your energy, increases your heart rate, relieves your stress, reduces your blood pressure, and much more…

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Check out these 12 awesome benefits of listening to music while you exercise!

1. Music gets you rolling

Music can give you the desire to move rather than to sit. Research shows that listening to strong groove music (highly movement-inducing music) increases brain activity in the motor system. Not feeling like working out? Try putting your favorite high-groovy tunes on! It will encourage you to get going.

2. Music makes you feel good

Both exercise and music activate the release of dopamine and serotonin, two happy hormones that can improve your mood. The 2 together make a great happy cocktail! When you feel good, you feel more driven to move.

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3. Music can soothe you, relieving stress

Both tempo and volume affect how you perform. While high-groove music boosts your performance, studies show that gentle-beat music slows your heart rate which helps reduce stress and anxiety.

That is why ambient music, for instance, is a great choice when performing yoga or stretching as it helps you calm down and relax.

Moreover, slower music can also help you wind down when stressed out before an intense performance or competition.

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4. Slow music speeds your recovery more than silence

Music-effects-exercise-relaxed woman listening to music after workout

Studies show that soothing music not only slows down your heart rate but also lowers your blood pressure, which helps you recover faster than when you exercise with no music.

5. Music boosts your immune system

Both music and physical activity reduce your stress and boost your mood, as a consequence, it influences your immune response. One more great reason to pair your workout routine with music!

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6. Music helps you exercise harder

Studies also show that without even you realizing it, music can reduce your sense of effort and push you to work out the extra mile by increasing your endurance.

Your favorite music helps you beat your fitness goals!

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7. Music makes your brain work out too

Music stimulates and impacts your brain’s neural functions, giving your brain a good workout too. As a matter of fact, musical activity triggers regions of the brain that decode volume and rhythm while others the meaning of lyrics. This is a challenging, complex activity for the brain!

8. Music helps you keep up the flow

When the music tempo matches your workout rhythm or active heartbeat, it helps you keep up the pace. Do you find yourself naturally synchronizing your movements to the beat of the music? It is called the rhythm response created by music which helps one to be more energetic and stay on track while exercising. This helps enhance your coordination skills.

9. Stable music tempo keeps you from getting injured

A steady cadence (optimal140-160 BMP) helps you avoid bad steps and falls when running. You also save energy. So don’t forget your workout music playlist when going for a run!

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10. Positive lyrics are powerful too

While a strong energizing rhythm can motivate you to move and push your limits, cheerful lyrics can not only stimulate you but also impact how you feel.

Love this one: Firework by Katy Perry

“Cause baby, you’re a firework, come on, show ’em what you’re worth! Boom boom boom, even brighter than the moon, moon, moon, It’s always been inside of you, you, you, And now it’s time to let it through”

11. Music makes your workout more fun

Music makes your training experience more enjoyable, distracting you from the physical discomfort and the intensity of the exercise.

In other words, losing yourself in the music can make you forget how hard a long workout is.

12. With music on, time ticks away

Doesn’t time seem to fly when you turn on your favorite songs? Especially during long 1h workouts or when you go for a run. That is because, like music can distract you from feeling the normal aches of exercise, it can also disconnect you from time perception. How cool is that!

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Are there any drawbacks when you work out with music?

Listening to music while running is not the same as lifting weights. Just as music can distract you from the workout discomfort, music that you really love can so too make you forget about the form.

I don’t know about you but I am super responsive to music. I find myself stopping what I am doing to appreciate the tune and sing along. That is why I turn down the music when I need to focus on my form.

Bottom line

If you like to match your workout with music, then keep on doing that! From elevating your mood to improving your performance, music does have a positive impact on your emotions and body.

Just remember to pay attention, listen to your body, and not get distracted when you really need to concentrate on difficult moves!

Do you work out with music? Does exercising with music affect you?

Please leave your comments and share your experience right below! Would love to hear from you.

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  1. Toplink says:

    Music, has always made a big impact in my life. In fact, when I participated in sports as a youth, I would sing softly as I played the game and it would help me to do very well. Later, I found playing music for performance is supported by scientific findings. So really, I am not surprised when you have provided all this incredible benefits of listening to music. It definitely keeps you going and rids you of stress. Thank you for such an informative site with incredible knowledge on this subject. I believe motivational type of music might even be better. 

    1. Anne-Caroline says:

      Thank you for your comment! Yes, I believe motivational type of music is super effective while exercising too!

  2. Marisa says:

    Hi Anne-Caroline, I prefer yoga classes as opposed to workouts, and usually, instrumental music is only played at the end of the class during meditation, if any. However, I do agree that music helps stimulate our brains and movements when doing exercise. I love it when I pass by a local gym and hear the music playing out loudly.  Music also helps you change your mood instantly. Loved the article. 

    1. Anne-Caroline says:

      Thank you Marisa for your comment! Glad you loved the article! You may be interested in reading “Bone Mass | How 10 Jumps A Day Will Keep Your Bones Strong!

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